Eve the main character

Discover mobile slots and fantastic worlds as Eve, the embodiment of the first story ever told, and recover what you have lost on a legendary journey through forgotten myths. As you dash through mythological realms, you will meet both mighty gods and fearsome foes while you learn how to unleash your true potential by drawing magical symbols.

To guide you on your path, take George’s hand as he explains what has happened in the long aeons that have passed in your absence in the domain of the Spiral Safehold. Together, you shall unravel the mysteries of the fabled Spiralways.

Dare your friends to join in an adventure unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. It’s time to wake up and enter the Spiralways!

Gameplay Trailer


  • DISCOVER epic worlds filled with wonder.

  • DASH through the Spiralways in beautiful levels depicting heroic myths and legends.

  • ENCOUNTER mythical gods who challenge you and foes that try to stop you on a path of discovery.

  • UNLEASH your full potential by drawing magical symbols on the touch screen. As you recollect the pieces of your own fragmented story, your powers will grow stronger.

  • DARE your friends on Facebook to beat your score in Endless World. Who’ll be able to best you in your own story?


  • Game doesn’t work

    The game is supported on the following operating systems: Android 4.1 or higher OR iOS 8.0 or higher

  • What are dares?

    When playing Endless World, if you have reached at least 1000 points at the moment you die, you can dare your friend to beat your score. The winner gets free mythions. In order to dare a friend you have to have connected the game with Facebook.

  • I can’t buy / I made a purchase I didn’t mean to make

    Please contact Apple or Google about problems with in-game purchases.

  • Why can’t I find the game in the store?

    Due to the soft launch, we only publish the game in the following countries: Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Iceland, New Zealand and Canada.

  • What is a soft launch?

    When launching a new game, it will be tested out in a few select countries before making decisions to develop the game further.

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